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Our new album "Electric Nights" is officially released & available all over the internet! (iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify) All pre-ordered Vinyl and other packages have been sent out but physical copies will still be available at all our shows on vinyl or CD.

Our third single from Electric Nights is Nickels & Dimes. Check out the music video and let your local radio stations know you like it!

The Do Good Badlies will be planning a ton of Ontario and Quebec shows over the spring and summer with possible tour plans in 2017. Dan will be doing a bit of traveling on his own and with "The Mailman & Newf Show". April dates in Tennessee, October dates in Western Canada, and more. All his dates will be listed at danielgreer.ca

The Gent Bent Summer Solstice will be back this summer in Newcastle, Ontario. We're looking for volunteers to help with it, please email volunteers@getbentrecords if you're interested. Ticket details coming soon!

We won't stop rockin', so be sure to keep an eye on our Calendar for shows coming your way! Follow us on Facebook & Twitter to stay in the know.

A little bit of history..

“The band must have spent some Electric Nights in Clayton Park, the famed Thrush Hermit and Joel Plaskett hang-out spot for drunk teenagers. The new material has the rough and ready heart of 90s Halifax.” – slowcity.ca

“With a sound like a modern take on Led Zeppelin, The Stooges or Black Sabbath, the tunes from these Ontario rockers burn on alcohol and rock alone to create a fusion of everything you want and cutting out the filler.” – theindiemachine.com

“The Do Good Badlies perform a high energy style of rock that is sure to get anyone moving. They combine the sounds of garage rock with the melodies and folk sounds of indie to create a unique and beautiful sound.” – Justin Lam, Antidote Magazine, 2015

It is something that has been in the works a long time, but something completely new. Brothers Daniel and Jon Greer had been traveling and playing for years, but the new line-up featuring vocalist Cassie Noble changed everything. She can be beautifully smooth but at times have a Janis Joplin style rasp. Her vocals and acoustic guitar playing are the perfect contrast to the gritty rock and roll style the boys brought to the table. The sound is filled out with the harmonies, drums, and percussion of Jamie Robinson and Steve Jackett.

Upon creating this new project the group launched a cross-Canada online contest to find a more fitting name. Shortly after they released “Electric Nights”, the bands debut album as “The Do Good Badlies”. The band is based in Lindsay, Ontario with a strong connection to the thriving Toronto music scene.

Who are The Do Good Badlies?

  • Daniel Greer

    Vocals, Bass, Guitar

Daniel Greer

Always out and about - mailman by day, show-goer by night. Loves good food and drink, Larry David, Jon Stewart, & NOW Magazine.

  • Jon Greer

    Vocals, Bass, Guitar

Jon Greer

Easy going, but doesn’t go easy! He loves shredding guitars and sleeping in vans. Connoisseur of bagged wine and good times.

  • Cassie Noble

    Vocals, Guitar, Glockenspiel

Cassie Noble

The DGB’s newest member and always a colourful treat. Cottage country’s coolest skin artist and a multi-instrumentalist with a big heart and beautiful voice.

  • Jamie Robinson


Jamie Robinson

One half of the DGB’s incredible drummer team and one hell of a carpenter. Good with his sticks and good with his hammer. In his spare time, you might catch him out on the bike trails or reading historical fiction.

  • Steve Jackett


Steve Jackett

With two t’s dammit! A veteran of many rock bands and multi-instrumentalist who adds a lot of depth and experience to the DGB’s songwriting. Rhythm is in his blood and he rocks the drums like Keith Moon!

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